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Your Portland Nissan Dealer demonstrates how to create your own roadside emergency kit

At Berlin City Nissan, your Nissan Dealer in Portland, we hope that the worst situation on the road never happens, but if it does, here are some items and ideas that may help you if ever find yourself in a tight spot.

For example:  It's 11:00 p.m.; you're driving on a lone country road that's dark and desolate. You know in an instant that something's wrong. Controlling the vehicle…
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Portland Nissan Service - How to Change a Flat Tire 101

Your Portland Nissan Service Department, Berlin City Nissan, would like to give you a quick tutorial on how to change a flat tire. 

Until the day comes when we are all piloting flying cars (and trust me, the day will come), our cars are stuck with these rubber things called tires. They roll nice and all, but they have a rather nasty problem of sometimes losing air. And without air, they become deflated and virtually…
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Portland NIssan Dealer offers Tips on Driving on the Ice and Snow

Skidding out of control on icy roads toward a solid object is a decidedly unpleasant event. It is even more unsettling if the object is a roadside barricade meant to prevent vehicles from plunging off an adjacent cliff. The more disastrous scenario is that you have lost control of your 3,000-pound SUV during a snowstorm and are sliding quickly toward a subcompact filled with a pair of astonished parents and their terrified brood.

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How To Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

Your Portland Nissan Dealer, Berlin City Nissan, cares about the safety of our customers.  So here are a few quick tips on how to maintain your tires to optimize their lifetime and your fuel mileage.

Checking Your Tire Pressure
Here's how to check the pressure in your tires with the least amount of muss and fuss.

   1. Buy a digital tire gauge and keep it in the car. (This will only set you back…
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